New IPO Opportunity
Capital Raise (Min) $5,000,000
Capital Raise (Max) $8,000,000
Market Cap (Max) $14,850,000
EV on Listing  $6,850,000
Issue Price $0.20
Open Date 5/12/2016
Closing Date 7/12/2016
First Day of Trading 22/12/2016*

*Estimated date

Developing and commercialising medical diagnostic and monitoring
technology to i
nstantly diagnose, monitor and manage chronic diseases & skin diseases using your smartphone.
 Lifespot Health operates within the digital health sector and is focused on developing and commercialising medical diagnostic and monitoring technology, which includes the BodyTel System and the Lifespot Skin System.

All IP is 100% controlled by the company and will be part of the listed entity.

Over EUR4.3Million spent to date ($6.2M AUD) with global certifications & first mover advantage.

Revenue generating: Company is already operational in Europe, with existing paying customers including B.Braun, Anycare and TK Pharma.

Potential uplift: Enterprise Value on listing is $6.85
million and trading on an Enterprise Value to Revenue multiple of
only 3.4X on listing.

Scalable technology that is certified: Therapy or treatment decisions based on software products are only allowed for medical devices if it is certified.

Growing sector: The telemedicine sector is expected to reach USD $35 billion by 2020, growing at CAGR of around 14%. There is also an increase in m&a and investments in the area*.

JV opportunities: Most systems on the market are single-sensor and do not cover multi-disease patients.

The Digital Revolution comes to US Healthcare (Goldman Sachs Equity Research, 2015)
How BodyTel™ Works
• The BodyTel™ solution is a back-end and front-end system that facilitates the management, measurement & monitoring of chronic diseases

• All values measured with BodyTel™ devices, are sent wirelessly in real-time via Bluetooth through a cell phone or home gateway, directly into the patient’s personalized online record

• Patient records are located in BodyTel™’s secure medical-data cloud interface and are available upon request

• This secure database can be individually accessed via the BodyTel™ Center online portal:, allowing GPs, surgeons and medical practitioners to attain up-to-date, real-time data on their patients

Competitors Are Providing JV Opportunites

• BodyTel™ is leading the pack in terms of automation and coverage of the value chain

• Many single-disease competitors are on the market, but only a few are covering multi-disease patients, which is a clear point of difference 

• Most of the systems on the market are single-sensor, where patients want and are looking for choice 

• There are currently no competitors with a comparable multi-role system compatibilty in the market 

B.Braun (55,000+ Employees)
• New contract since April 2016
Software development on average of ~50,000€+ per month (SaaS) and growing MoM
• Usage of the system ~10,000€+ per month
• Large pipeline of development projects filled for the next 6 months

AnyCare (German telemonitoring center)

tk-pharma (diabetes mail-order company)
The Lifespot Skin System
Use of Funds
Capital Structure
Tilo Brandis
Tilo Brandis has held General Management
and CEO roles at Siemens transportation and
automation divisions, for 11 years, and has
held the position of managing director at RailOne, Track-Tec and B2X Care Solutions. Mr
Brandis has extensive experience in
international management and mergers and
Stefan Schraps
Founder & Chief  Scientific Officer
Stefan Schraps is the managing director of
BodyTel GmbH and was one of the founders of
the BodyTel System.

Before his work with BodyTel, Stefan has held
senior positions in fast growing information
technology companies and has been heavily
involved in the ‘telemonitoring’ and
Telemedicine industries since 2006.
Heinrich Emden
Executive Director
Prior to joining BodyTel, Heinrich was largely
focused on telecommunication and information
technology development. at  several multinational
organisations including IBM, Continental AG,
Symrise and ATOS.

He coordinates all
internal and external developer teams and is
responsible for
the constant evolution and development of the
BodyTel System.

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